Thursday, March 3, 2011

More About Billboards I Hate

In my last post I told you that 2nd and 1st place in January's edition of "Worst Billboard Ever," would be up next.

Well, coming in at #2: Blah blah blah The Dilemma blah blah white background blah blah blah really ugly blazers, something about Kevin James being photoshopped to look skinny, and then a photographer going, "Hey Vince, do something crazy. Like put your hands on your head. Get weird with it!.....Eh, we'll get it in post."

And finally, coming in at #1, a film campaign that would easily make the worst of January, February, now March, and probably the rest of the year, Hall Pass.


If you're a fan of my blog, you shouldn't even have to ask. The bane of all good poster/cover design: DIGITALLY INSERTED HANDS HOLDING THINGS! Oh, how I loathe digitally inserted hands holding things, the worst of all digital insertions. I don't think there's much need to comment further. Some things are universal: mathematics, laughter, and the desire to punch these characters in their smug faces.

There are three things I can appreciate about this campaign, however. One, a starring role for Jason Sudeikis. Two, work for hand models. Three, that they didn't find the need to make their fingers do this:

Imagine that between your left forefinger and thumb, you are comfortably holding a very sassy wig. Mime that action. Now look at your hand and note its appearance. Now, look at Bradon T. Jackson (who?)'s left hand. Now, attempt to contort your hand into that shape. Hold it...hold it...embrace the pain.

Until next time, keep your eyes to the sky and the hate in your heart.