Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiat Jokes

Heard on Car Talk:

Where do you go to get parts for a Fiat?

-Follow around another Fiat.

How do you get a Fiat to go 60 mph?

-Push it off a cliff.

Did you hear about the the anti-theft measures on the new Fiat?

-Yeah, they made the logo bigger.

What's the difference between a Fiat and a Jehova's Witness?

-You can close the door on Jehova's Witness.

I went to the dealer and said, "I'd like a new gas cap for my Fiat."

-He said, "Okay, sounds like a fair trade."

What do you call a Fiat on top of a hill?

-A miracle.

What do you call two Fiats on top of a hill?

-Science Fiction

What do you call three Fiats on top of a hill?

-A strange place to build a Fiat factory.

Take that you fascists!

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