Saturday, August 15, 2009

LA is not Oklahoma

Now I wouldn't consider Oklahoma to be the South per se, and one of the things--no, the thing I get asked most about Oklahoma is, "Where is Oklahoma? Like is it the Midwest?"

No, I don't believe it is. But it's also not the South, and it's also not the West. In my grade school social studies books it was usually grouped with Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona as the Southwest, but there's no way. We don't even have any desert. Texans like to think they're Southerners, but they're not. Pride and racism alone does not a Southerner make. Go to the grits section in your grocery store. If it's bigger than your oatmeal section, you're probably in the South.

Still, I spent my share of time growing up in the Dirty, and after a year here, it seems all the flyover states elicit nostalgia.

Here's a duet from Johnny Cash and Phil "Baloo" Harris singing "That's What I Like About the South." They just don't make television like they used to.

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Alex said...

What a gem of a blog I've discovered here!

That video makes it clear that I was born into the wrong era of television. We need to somehow find someone to carry on the torch of Johnny Carson or Dean Martin. Who could do it? Maybe Ellen. Or Hugh Jackman. Yeah, Hugh Jackman.

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