Friday, April 8, 2011

Poster Roundup

So there aren't many posters up these days particularly worthy of derision. HOP is just annoying for what it is. There are a few bland TV ads: The Borgias, The Killing, etc. But there is one campaign that gets under my skin just enough.

(Must be read in a Russel Brand voice) "Oh, look at me, I'm a loveable billionaire. You can tell I'm loveable in three ways. One, I've got my feet, in my seat. Two, there's Ducky, right there on the arm of my chair there. Three, can't you see that I'm driving these women simply mad? They don't even know what to do with me! But they can't stay cross, because look at my grin. And four, which is a bonus, it says it right there in the tagline."

"Okay, you weren't convinced, and I had to go to drastic measures. A man in a bathtub is just a man in a bathtub. A man in a pinstripe suit and bowler is a pompous nancy. But a man in a pinstipe suit and a bowler who takes a bath in the suit, and the bowler, and whose flat overlooks a gorgeous city skyline? Now that's a loveable billionaire. By the way, there's Ducky again, and there's another Ducky in the tub, and the Ducky in the tub is also wearing a bowler. If for some reason you weren't convinced that I literally have billions of pounds, you can see that ordering a customized tiny bowler for one of my two rubber duckies isn't even an issue. And it's not like it only cost a few quid because it's smaller, that hat actually cost more than a regular-sized bowler..... I'm loveable."

By the way, don't see this movie.

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Mary said...

In my mind, I really did read this with Russell Brand's accent... and it made the post that much more hilarious. Thank you for that.