Monday, January 10, 2011

Every time a quiz is filled out on the internet, a kitten gets AIDS.

So, you'll almost never see me playing a game, or taking a quiz, or answering a survey, it is anyway, inspired by Annie Terracina and Mary Garis of the wonderful blog, A Tale of Two Cities. Feel free to do your own in the comments or whatever. (I don't really care.)

Note: Oh yeah, the quiz is about 2010. It's from a girl magazine or something.

Oklahoma's loss to Missouri was so not worth stressing over.
- In the end, we were in the same bowl game we would have gone to otherwise. (I don't really stress out. And if I do, it's probably worth it.)

All I could listen to this year was Kid Cudi.
- Obviously I listened to lots of other stuff this year, but I discovered Man on the Moon late in the game and could not stop listening to it. Pop music at its best.

This year I promise (to myself) to go out more.
- For most of my time in L.A., insufficient funds have kept me from going out. But that is less the case now. I've been here for three years and haven't hit the Hollywood Bowl, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Pantages Theater, or been to a concert or play that a friend wasn't performing in. Also I want to go to a Clippers game.

The best thing I ate in 2010 was Caitlin Mitchell's sweet potato casserole.
- Holy cow that ish was da bomb!

The night of the Lost series finale I was WTF else do you think, watching it.

Wow, I really don't give a rat's ass about this will be the new cupcake flavor in 2011.

I'm proud that I finished the screenplay I came to L.A. to write this year.

Remember when Kanye put out a remix of Justin Beiber's "Runaway Love" and it was fly as hell; released a new track every week for free; released another fantastic album; made a stunning 33-minute music video; reappropriated Bon Iver's "The Woods" to make another 'one of the greatest songs ever', or a bunch of other things that don't involve hating on him?

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