Tuesday, June 21, 2011

riends ith enefits

Can we really hold it against Friends With Benefits that another movie with pretty much the same plot came out just a few months ago?

Yes. Of course we can. Other things we can hold against it:
  • The tagline "It's Harder Than It Looks."
  • The dateline(?) "Get Some JULY 2011."
  • Justin Timberlake (why not?)
  • The fact that Mila Kunis still feels like a side character, even though I'm pretty definitely sure she's starring in this one.
  • And the terrible red-on-black lettering used for the title:
Mommy? What does "riends ith enefits" mean? --Close your eyes, honey.
Which used to be a very legible light blue-on-black color scheme (that has not been used in any advertising whatsoever).

My elbow is inside your neck.
Also Justin Timberdale's tie. What's going on in this scene? He's getting undressed? She's obviously not? I don't know.

There, that's a little clearer. See, in case you didn't know what "friends with benefits" means, they've gone ahead and explained the situation visually. In this diagram, Justin Timberdell's index finger represents his erect penis, while the circle Mila forms with her thumb and forefinger takes the place of her willing vagina. In theory, the two will meet in the act of sexual intercourse, even though, get this, they're just friends. The "benefits" referred to in the title are that they get to have sex with each other. If anyone is still confused, please visit the Wikipedia entry on casual sex.

Oh, another thing I have against this campaign, Justin Timberderr's scarf in this image for Bad Teacher, which has been appearing on the side of many Los Angeles buses in the last week or so:

"Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that you're going to complain about Friends With Benefits because its star wears an article of clothing you don't like in an ad for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIE?!" you ask?

Yes, I am. I do what I want.

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Benjamin said...

And that's how G-Baby gets it done... Excellent post sir. You articulated my thoughts better than I could.