Monday, May 23, 2011

My Highest Ad Campaign Rating Ever: Not Terrible

I've been under pressure lately to blog about some billboards that I actually like. Wha--? Me? Negative? As my father often exclaims to express his disbelief, "The hell you say!"

Actually, a few gems have caught my eye in the last few weeks, the nearest release of them being the next chapter in the popular "Pirates" series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Something About Mermaids or Some Bullshit.

I truly do prefer to discuss billboards, as opposed to posters (or 'one-sheets,' as we call them in the biz), because what interests me is not the design of a single poster, but the entire print advertising campaign a studio decides to put forth. I am not usually able to find images of billboards, but in this case I was able get the one most often used in the PotC: OST campaign.

Click to embiggen.
A nice smattering of piratey motifs, no? Let me start my first 'good' review by expressing that I am not a designer, I have not taken any sort of visual arts class since high school, and that I can only tell you what appeals to me personally. That said, I do like this. This billboard does one of my favorite things: filling the frame without being too busy (other good examples include the billboard versions of The Legend of the Guardians and Transformers: Revenge Blah Blah Blah, as well as these for Yogi Bear, which certainly push the 'too busy' line, but I think they make it work). As you can tell, I also like color. This campaign has a good scheme going and narrowly avoids the orange/blue contrast so prevalent in film advertising, opting instead for the daring yellow/blue.

Another thing I like about this one: no tagline, no title. Very few films have the brand recognition to advertise sans title, and if they do, will often stick to the number of the sequel in the franchise's trademark font. Seems like half the movies that come out these days are titled simply "2" or "3" <-- (lol). On Stranger Tides is a 4, and for advertising purposes has decided to forgo a title altogether. On TV spots for this film, you'll only hear it referred to as "Pirates of the Caribbean." (By this point, many franchises do attempt an in-series reboot by dropping the number and returning to the original title. See: Fast and FuriousTHE Final Destination, Rocky Balboa, and Rambo.) What we get instead is a skull and crossswords, but you don't really need anything besides Captain Jack, who is probably the most recognizable original character since Darth Vader (or is there another?).

The one-sheets for PotC: OST are much more derivative, but still, not terrible. Except for this giant skull, which was featured on Disney's exclusive spot on the side of the Westwood Medical building, it's all character posters.



Penelope Cruz as some girl with swords,

And I actually did see this mermaid on a bus stop.

Click through to see how stupid these scales are.
Can anyone tell me what's the deal with the fact that her scales crossfade into skin?! What kind of freaky mermaid is that? If you touched the part that's half scales/half skin, what would that feel like? I mean, I can see going for some type of transition between skin and scales, where it's like scale-ish skin, but to go for a straight up visual fade between the two? I'm sorry, is this West Handkerchief High School's AV club or Walt Disney Studios and one of the most successful franchises of all time? Put your back into it a little bit.

Also, what's the deal with mermaids always having knees? That's ridiculous.

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