Saturday, May 7, 2011

The THOR posters are really terrible.

Boy was the ad campaign for Thor a swing and a miss. Well, it was more like a bunt and a miss.

This is what Thor, the comic book character, looks like.

On a cliff.
Summoning lightning.
On a cliff summoning lightning.
Knowing pretty much nothing about Thor, and I truly don't, it's pretty easy to discern a few things about him: he has a hammer, he is apparently on good terms with lightning, and he has a penchant for hoisting his hammer and being struck by lightning, as well as standing on rocky crags.

Now lets move from this fairly standard image of Thor in the comics, to the one-sheet of his very own movie.


Let's go right past the obvious, (Nickelback cover band frontman) and straight to the humongous missed opportunity of a completely badass ad campaign. I imagine it probably shook out something like this:

Young creative: So, I was thinking we could pose Thor on top of a cliff, have him hoist his hammer in the air, and do some cool lightning effects that will really show off the great costume we've created. I think it will make our posters and ad campaign really pop, and give people who have never heard of Thor a good idea of how exciting this movie is going to be.

Studio exec: Well, you're obviously fired.

Young creative: What?

Studio exec: Yeah, get out. Immediately. So.....I've been seeing lots of these posters with close ups of characters' faces with words over them. Can we do something like that?

Sniveling yes men: Great idea, boss! Knocked it out the park!

Studio exec: And while we're at it, lets do it all in red and black, so you can't see what's going on or tell anything about what the movie is about or who the characters are.

Sniveling yes men: He's done it again!

Studio exec: And don't let him wear that silly hat with the wings on it. Make him look like a construction worker. Middle America doesn't want wing hats. Trust me.

More gems from this campaign:

Still too colorful!
No no no! I can almost tell he has a helmet on!

Did you ask if we could just put them in t-shirts? Branagh said no? Okay, print it.

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