Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Hunger Games character posters revealed!

Of course we are probably months away from a Hunger Games outdoor advertising campaign, but here's a little snacketizer for you THG fans. Lionsgate revealed a string of character posters today, and I couldn't wait to comment on them.

The Hunger Games character poster Peeta Josh Hutcherson
The Hunger Games character poster Katniss Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games character poster Effie Elizabeth Banks
The Hunger Games character poster Rue Amandla Stenberg
The Hunger Games character poster Gale Liam Hemsworth
The Hunger Games character poster Cato Alexander Ludwig
The Hunger Games character poster Haymitch Woody Harrelson
The Hunger Games character poster Cinna Lenny Kravitz

Clearly Katniss (the protagonist for those unfamiliar) is set apart from the rest in a brilliant and subtle way. Pretty awesome when you can see that the designers of a campaign have really put a lot of thought into it. (When something looks great it's obviously to the credit of the designers; when something looks terrible, it's because the execs made them do it. Right designers?)

I also do like the new logo, only slightly tweaked from the book cover. But at this size, the mockingjay is too obscured by the angle and the flames to even see what it is. They should have chosen one feature or the other, and I'd say the flames. I also wish it didn't look like the title was stabbing Peeta and Cato in the eye.

(So good of those websites with exclusives to put their dirty little watermarks on the images. I'd like to thank the fine folks at Yahoo! Movies, MTV Hollywood Crush, Moviefone, MSN's The Hitlist, and Fandango for not thinking that Lionsgate giving them an exclusive means they own the image. Also to Coming Soon for originally compiling them.)

Commentary that includes SPOILERS after the jump.

The only other notable feature here is Rue, who is set apart in looking down, where every other character looks forward. Not sure why they did that. Rue is weak from a physical standpoint, but those who've read the books know she certainly isn't a weak tribute. You might think that Rue's death sets her apart here. If so, that would have been another great little detail for fans to appreciate. However, there's Cato (who looks like a freaking pussy compared to how I imagined him in the book), looking outward with the rest of them.

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